Types of Electric Power Showers

If you've ever stayed in a fancy hotel and noticed just how much nicer the shower there is compared to the one you have at home, perhaps the reason is inadequate water pressure. Many homes in the UK suffer from this and there used not be a whole lot that can be done about it. Nowadays however there are plenty of types of electric power showers that will greatly increase the amount of water that comes out of the shower head leading to a far more enjoyable and relaxing shower every morning. Though you don't need to know a hell of a lot about them, in order to not look completely clueless when you enter the store, I've outlined a brief explanation of what you need to be careful about.

Types of Electric Power Showers

The Number of Pumps

Many houses that have insufficient water pressure have only a small amount less than what is required to have a nice shower. For these homes a single pump electric power shower will be all that is adequate. However there are some homes that have extremely low levels of water pressure and for these homes it is necessary to choose from types of electric power showers that have two pumps. These showers also have the advantage that no matter what other appliances in your home are acquiring water, you will still be able to enjoy a high pressured shower.

The Strength of Your Pipes

This is something that you overlook at your peril when considering the types of electric power showers. If you live in an old house, you need to check that your pipes can handle your new shower. All types of electric power showers will result in a sudden increase in the amount of water that is passing through your water pipes. If those pipes have been used to a certain amount of pressure for the last ten years and it is suddenly increased, you could end up bursting them and paying a hell of a lot of cash to cover the damages. Therefore ensure that you get this checked before any installation begins.

The Environmental Impact

There are no types of electric power showers that are particularly good for the environment. The entire idea of such showers is to force as much water out of the shower head as possible. Therefore you will obviously waste a hell of a lot more water with each shower and you also should spot an increase in the price of your water bill. Many people do not worry about this as water wastage isn't exactly the primary problem with the environment at the moment but it is good to be aware of in case you are somebody that feels strongly about the subject.

So in conclusion, purchasing an electric power shower isn't a particularly difficult thing to do. Like many purchases all you need to know are the basics. Provided you choose the right number of pumps and don't buy a shower that is going to burst your pipes, your purchase is highly unlikely to be something that you regret.