Electric Power Showers UK

UK electric power showers are the perfect showers to go in any high end bathroom. Though they offer advantages to all households they are particularly useful for those living in homes where the water pressure is very low. Installing a UK electric power shower ensures that you will be able enjoy proper showers every morning that don't require you to twist your body around just to get enough water to wash yourself and because they are made in the UK, you are guaranteed that they will be of a high quality. Though there isn't a lot that you need to know in order to purchase one, here are the answers to the four most frequently asked questions about them

Electric Power Showers UK

What is the advantage of electric power showers?

The only people that would ask this are those that have never experienced both low pressure and high pressure showers. There is nothing more refreshing in the morning than an endless stream of water hitting your face. If you have been living in a house hold with very low water pressure then you will not believe how much better a power shower is.

How much are UK electric power showers?

The average price in the UK is between a hundred and one hundred and fifty pounds. When you consider that this doesn't even include installation, they are a little bit expensive. However considering they generally last a good ten years, it's not really all that much to pay when each member in your family is likely to use them every day.

Can I install an electric power shower myself?

Installing such showers yourself is a very dangerous thing to do. They involve both your homes electrics and plumbing, neither of which you want to be messing with unless you are an expert. Just because you can wire a plug, this does not mean that you are an electrician and a poorly fitted electric shower could be a fire hazard.

Aren't electric power showers bad for the environment?

UK electric power showers sadly do waste a lot of water. The entire idea behind them is that you get a hell of a lot of water coming out of the shower head each second and as a result a lot of water is wasted. However this is essentially the cost of a nice shower. A shower with very low water pressure will be great for the environment however they are not exactly all that enjoyable.

So in conclusion, if you live in a home with very low water pressure, UK electric power showers are pretty much a must if you want to enjoy your morning shower. And even if you don't, they are still a perfect member of a high end bathroom. They are one of life's luxuries and yet unlike most of life's luxuries, they can be afforded by almost anyone and as such are a very clever investment to make.