Electric Power Showers

For many of us, weekday mornings start with a shower. The switch to electric showers in most households had a lot to do with this simple scenario. Waking up, tired and in need of coffee, the last thing people wanted to do was weight for a hot water tank to fill up. Therefore the majority of showers fitted into people's homes are electric. This allows for instant hot water, hence no more waiting around and also strangely fewer arguments in the morning. The next showers are electric power showers. I will now answer a few of the more common questions.

Electric Power Showers

What's the advantage of this power?

The advantage is pressure. An electric power shower can be installed with a little knob that will increase or decrease the speed at which the water is hitting you. Anyone who has experienced both low and high pressured showers will assure you that this makes a big difference to the showering experience. They are the perfect member of a high end bathroom and allow you to start your morning with a little bit of luxury.

How much money are we talking about?

An electric power shower will average in the UK at about one hundred and fifty pounds; this does not include installation charges which vary depending on where you live and who you know. A shower that is neither electric nor powered will come in at about sixty pounds. However, you kind of have to ask yourself how many showers you take per year and then multiply that by ten before you suggest that they aren't worth the money.

Can I save money by installing it myself?

Of course you can, there is a slight chance that you could electrocute yourself or burn your house down however. The saving of about a hundred bucks may not be worth it. Electric power showers involve changes to both electrics and plumbing. These are sadly not things that you should mess with without adequate knowledge. Also your insurance company would likely be less than pleased.

Are electric power showers good for the environment?

Electric power showers are not even remotely the best showers for the environment. The power at which the water is forced out of the shower head means that showers will definitely use up more water. Anyone that knows anything about the environment will concur that this is not a good thing for it. However it's not quite the same as lighting a bonfire in your back garden so many would consider the cost in water to be worth getting a good start to the day.

So in conclusion, if you are interested in electric power showers hopefully this article has given all that you need to know. They are gradually increasing in popularity and the reasons for this are plain for anyone to see. If you still have qualms about the price, I promise that said worries will disappear upon experiencing a shower with ample pressure for the first time.